MyBrewbot Migration

How to move from MyBrewbot 1 to MyBrewbot 2 using the App

10 Easy Steps:

  1. Perform a hard reset (remove USB, wait 10 seconds, plug in)
  2. In the MyBrewbot 1 app go to the settings tab and upgrade your software to version
  3. Perform a hard reset
  4. Upgrade the software again. This time selecting MyBrewbot 2 Software. You'll know when it's done as the controller will go offline and stay offline
  5. Perform a hard reset
  6. Uninstall the MyBrewbot 1 app from your phone. If you're using an Android Device then you will have to clear the data and cache before deleting the app. Go to Settings/Apps on your phone, select MyBrewbot/Storage and delete, then uninstall.
  7. Install the MyBrewbot 2 app on your phone
  8. Open the MyBrewbot 2 app and select 'Create New Account'. Don't worry, your MyBrewbot 1 settings for Smartplugs etc are all still stored in the controller and you can use your old account email and password
  9. Set up the WiFi access to the app in the normal way.
  10. You're done.