Emergency Reset

If you have moved the controller to a different location or changed your router without first resetting the WiFi do not depair.

There are two ways the controller can be reset:

1. Using a probe

Boil a kettle of water.

Fill a mug with the just boiled water.

Power down the controller (remove the USB plug)

Put a probe into the mug of just boiled water

Power up the controller and leave for 1 minute

Power down the controller

Remove the probe

Power up the controller. It will now be ready to re-enter the wifi credentials


2. Using a Teminal emulator

Download and unpack the Emergency_Reset files. They can be found here: http://mybrewbot.co.uk/Emergency/Emergency_Reset.zip

Install the CP210x drivers

Connect the MyBrewbot controller to the PC with the USB cable. Make a note of the Com port that the controller connects on

Install the Termite terminal emulator which is included in the zip file.

Open the terminal emulator and connect it to the Com port that the controller connects on

Set the baud rate to 115200. Check that the emulator is connected to the MyBrewbot controller

Type 17654 into the input screen and press send.

The controller's WiFi will reset and put the unit into WiFi setup mode

Do a hard reset and setup WiFi