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MyBrewbot Update Log

15th July 2021

Bug fix for profiles Attenuation % trigger.

New step/trigger. Switch step when temperature target reached.

28th June 2021

Bug fix for SG actual not showing on the series line.

24th June 2021

Bug fix for SG plot not showing on the series line.

21st June 2021

Bug fix for stand alone authentication web screen

3rd June 2021

Added attenuation (Target, % and actual) and ABV to charts.

Switched Ambient for Target in ‘tuning’ chart

Set up a ‘smoothing’ routine for Tilt data to avoid zero values screwing up charts.

27th May 2021

Added force save to Profile routine when ‘Run’ instruction is given.

24th May 2021

Bug fix for clearing profile data. If you are having trouble running a profile then try clearing the profile and reinputting.

23rd May 2021

Profile steps for SG and Attenuation % modified so that when target reached next step is instigated without waiting for time to finish

22nd May 2021

Profile Attenuation % bug fixed

20th May 2021

Support for Tilt Pro added

28th April 2021 .1

Missing break statement rectified which caused a crash after input of Tilt temperature calibration.

28th April 2021

Added a ‘Tuning chart’ at the bottom of the charts tab. Shows the Beer and Ambient temperature for the designated fermenter with the plots shown in red (hot), blue (cold) and white (off) to enable you to better work out your hysteresis settings and minimise over/under shoot.

Fixed bugs in the probe assignment process.

Reduced the valid parameters for SG reporting to .995

Added functionality for multiple repeaters. Create a brewing ‘mesh’ and have multiple pressure and temperature ensors

12th March 2021

Added date/time field to system settings screen. Gets a real world time from a time server. Set your timezone by scrolling down to the very bottom of the system settings screen and touching the ‘clock’ icon in the bottom right. Select your timezone and return to the app. Future uses include reminders (for double hopping, adjuncts, racking etc).

1st March 2021

Added pressure alarm. Accessible in sensor tab. Put in PSI value and switch alarm on for notification to your phone when the pressure exceeds the set value. Useful if you haven’t set your pressure release valve properly.

Also, allowed the pressure sensor to record negative pressure (cold crash).

25th February 2021


Put a filter on SG returns to charts etc to stop erroneous, out of range reports.


24th February 2021

LED sequence changed. Video here: Youtube LED video

1.       Two short flashes every 5 seconds. Device fully operations.

2.       Solid white light – double reset press to reset wifi.

3.       Continual short flashes. Controller is waiting to be connected to the application. MyBrewbot SSID established.

4.       3 flashes every 120 seconds. Controller not connected to the internet. Check router and internet connection

5.       Solid light for 10 seconds, off for 10 seconds. Controller not connected to your router.


29th January 2021

Tilt ‘Assigned to’ functionality changed. Now has an ‘On’ and ‘Off’ mode.  On is for a live Tilt reporting data – this reports data to the APP and keeps the Tilt alarm running. The ‘Off’ mode keeps the Tilt registered to the fermenter but does not report data or run alarms. Useful if you take the Tilt out of the ferment, switch it off and store it away. Delete works just as before and removes the tilt in its entirety.

20th January 2021

Bug fix to chart process

14th January 2021

If a software update is interrupted for any reason one or more variable storage files can get corrupted. This fix checks the files for corruption and replaces them with empty files.

12th January 2021

New chart process – allows user to define what data should be in each chart and from what source. So, if you want to show beer and ambient temperature for F1 and F2 on the same chart, you can. If you want the second chart to show just the Specific Gravity you can specify that.

See the ‘Help’ video on the settings tab for further information.

20th December 2020

Minor bug fixes for temperature collection

14th December 2020

Added move whole step forward/backward to profile options

Added Attenuation % option to SG profile step types – moves the step on when attenuation level reached. Thank you Adrian!

13th December 2020

Bug fix for charts.

11th December 2020

Added new report for estimated SG variables

10th December 2020

Added a fermenter # selector to the system settings screen so that you can decide how many fermenters to present in the data, settings, profiles and sensors screens. EG if you just want to show 2 fermenters select 2 and the tabs on each page will reduce accordingly. Doesn’t affect Charts or Smartplugs.

1st December 2020

Bug in conversion of Brewfather C to F fixed

30th November 2020

Bug in reporting of Plaato SG fixed

25th November 2020

Bug in web browser update fixed.

19th November 2020

Issue with null values being returned from IP lookup causing the controller to crash now resolved.

16th November 2020

Streamlined the temperature read method to reduce the time spent collecting temperature data.

13th November 2020

Charts data cleansing implemented to stop reporting erroneous values that distort the chart

12th November 2020

Implemented actual values showing above charts on chart tab (Cheers Gordon!)

10th November 2020

Fixed bug in code which was giving false concern regarding probe status.

Fixed bug in Brewfather upload. Now sends beer actual as temp rather than beer probe.

9th November 2020

Bug fix on iSpindel regarding conversion from plato to sg. New field added to specify unit of measurement on the iSpindel side

Issue with Pressure sensor not sending data to the Data tab fixed

8th November 2020

Minor bug fixes to Specific Gravity charting.

New Probes report added to show address – mainly used for trouble shooting.

Injection method in Beer Name to update pressure calibration settings remotely